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What's up :) My name is Brianna.
'94 liner. Theater Major. Feminist.
I'm awesome. You're awesome. Let's be awesome together.

Anonymous asked: *banging on door* come on Bri, I know you in there. - Jackson


*more grunting*

C-can you w-ww-wait?!

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Extensive research has concluded that this indeed, is the greatest line in animated film history.

double parking

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requested | amber icons (red light era).

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Well he didn’t lie…

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Anonymous asked: *banging on door* Bri! Open up! - Jackson


*heavy breathing*


N-not n-n-now…

*lamp breaking*

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Anonymous asked: *grinds against you* damn baby, you soaked. i aint know u missed me like this - tao


What can I say?  It’s been a while since a man treated me right

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Anonymous asked: You know Im not bout those games. *strips clothes off* Now spread em - Tao


Hear you loud and clear, hun.

*trina playlist plays in the background*

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Favorite pastime:Clicking blogs of yt people who got read for filth and seeing "NOT FOUND"
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Hey Arnold! mastered the art of

diversity without making the PoC into caricatures

The 90s were a good time for POC-inclusiveness on TV.


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Anonymous asked: *picks you up and lays you on couch* why dont you show me how much you miss me and take those panties off - tao


Forward as usual.  I always liked that about you.

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seduce me with tickets to disney world 

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